Why Use Froo! Bulk Revision?

Here we have documented a few scenarios in which Froo! Bulk Revision will save you a lot of time and money:

eBay make a regulation change banning cash payments.

If eBay make a policy change and then stipulate that you must remove all references to "cash on delivery" (for example) this used to mean a long drawn out process of either revising items one by one or ending items early and re listing.

Now with froo Bulk Revision you can simply search through all your listings, find "cash on delivery" and either replace the text with another sentence or remove the phrase entirely with just a few clicks. This will stop eBay from rejecting your listings when you come to re-list - saving you hours editing your listings one by one!

Due to bad weather your delivery company cannot fulfill next day delivery.

Normally it would probably not be viable to alter all of your dispatch times and would resort in poor DSR scores.

With Froo Bulk Revision you can quickly update all of your listings dispatch times to accommodate for the temporary change, you can also add a not to the description explaining the issue. Once the weather changes you can change the dispatch dates back to next day and add another note to all of your listings.

Your suppliers increase the prices of a number of your products.

An increase in product costs would normally mean you have to make time in your busy schedule to alter your prices, if you can't make the time you may end up leaving your prices as they were and taking the hit and end up eating into your profit margins until you get a spare hour or two.

You can now use Froo! Bulk Revision to increase your Buy it Now prices easily in one go, simply go through and tick all the relevant items and change prices in one go, saving you hours worth of work.