We have created a fantastic FREE application that enables you to cross promote other items on all your eBay listings:


  • Select a gallery theme
  • Select how many items to display
  • Bulk apply to live listings
  • Customizable
  • Nine designs to choose from
  • Free!


If you want to advertise more of your products on each listing the Froo! Cross Sell is the app for you. It will enable you to promote up to 50 listings on each live listing.


  • Choose from a range of gallery backgrounds to make sure the gallery suits your listing design.
  • Add a custom message to the gallery to encourage users to click through to your other items.
  • Choose how to order your items, select from newest items, oldest item or price.
  • Alter the amount of items you offer, from 5 to 50.
  • Decide how fast the gallery scrolls.
  • Apply to one individual listing or applty to all of your live listings in one go.


  • Froo! Cross Sell will help you grow your sales; as each customer will see more of your products.
  • Customer retention will grow, as customers learn of all the different products you sell.
  • You will have less of a need to pay for additional eBay promotion so you may choose to lower your fees.
  • Average sale values will increase as customers purchase the "candy at the checkout"

Created by world leading design house