Frequently Asked Questions

What does this App do?
Froo! Cross Sell is a great FREE app to help you easily cross promote your products on all of your live eBay listings - without the hassle of having to cancel them and then re-list. Saves you time and effort and helps you promote more of your listings.

How many listings can I apply the Froo! Cross Sell gallery to?
Froo! Cross Sell can be applied to an unlimited number of listings for free!

What will happen to my listings if I unsubscribe from Froo! Cross Sell?

If you unsubscribe from Froo! Cross Sell the cross sell galleries will be automatically removed from all of your live listings - but don't worry Froo! Cross Sell is free so there is no need to unsubscribe!

Do I have to pay a subscription?
No Froo! Cross Sell is completely, 100%, Free!

What happens if I alter my settings after applying the gallery?
All of the galleries on your live listings will be updated to match the new settings - great if you wanted to give your galleries a new look!

Should I unsubscribe after I have added Froo! Cross Sell gallerys to my listings?
There is no need to unsubscribe as Froo! Cross Sell is FREE! If you do unsubscribe the cross sell galleries will be automatically removed from all of your live listings.

Can I have more than one gallery on each listing?
No, you can only use 1 gallery on each listing.

Can I use different designs on different listings?
No, you can only use one design at a time, if you change the design it will update all of your live listings.

What level of support do you provide?
We have a great selection of FAQ's and plenty of tips and hints throughout the software which is really easy to use. If you get really stuck you can always contact us through our ticket help system and we will respond as quickly as we can.

Is the gallery applied immediately?

Yes, where eBay's amendment policy allows.

What if I don't like the software?
Please tell us what you don't like! We'd love to hear your comments and feedback. It's really easy to unsubscribe at any time.